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Introduction to the Concrete Trail-head


Living in a city can take its toll on people who love the outdoors. The loud city streets, blazing fast pace, and lack of flora and fauna has the ability to slowly break down the souls of those like me. The adventurers, nature lovers, wild ones, hippies, and cowboys. We love getting lost and forgetting the time. We enjoy the quiet and like to be alone. So taking someone like that and putting them in the loudest and most crowded place is pretty much unnatural.

But those people are also improvisers. We've been flat out stuck in some pretty bad situations. Anyone who calls themselves an outdoor enthusiast can tell you their story. (Mine is being stuck on an island in the Adirondacks in a severe thunderstorm). What we all share is an ability to adapt in those situations. That's why I've always felt a strange connection with coyotes.

Coyotes are adaptable animals. They are the only carnivore to thrive during the predator extermination of the early 1900's. While grizzlies and wolves were hunted to near extinction, coyotes expanded their range. Now living in all 50 states, from mountain ranges in Arizona to the concrete suburbs of New Jersey, they take advantage of their habitat. That's what I do.

Work brought me to Washington, DC. I was living on the beautiful North Carolina coast before, but like a coyote I needed to survive. So when I couldn't find work after 6 months, I had to expand my range. I knew it would be a challenge going from coastal sunsets to bright street lights. But after almost 2 years in DC I am still here. That's because I learned how to take advantage of my habitat. Best part is that I didn't have to give up the outdoors to do it. 

While here, I've made friends who have only deepened my passion for adventure. I've traveled farther than before to some of the most beautiful natural areas known to man. I've also been camping, and I took the Metro to get there. 

It's not impossible to live in a major metropolitan area and still enjoy the sun and the trees and fresh air. That's the point of this blog, to help you adapt to your habitat. I want to teach you the skills, help you find the resources, and develop a mind set that the city you live in can be a great base camp for all that you aspire to do. That's what the Concrete Trail-head is all about. Your first steps for great adventures will start on a city sidewalk, but they will end at some of the most breath taking spaces on the planet.